Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dream Green

Hello Friends~

On my raw food journey I have fallen in love many times over. It gets my heart a-racing just envisioning last August's tomatoes. Then it was figs and juicy pears, followed by fresh Wisconsin chestnuts, late-season spinach and kale, and now... I dream of mangoes. How wonderful is raw food! So much goodness exists in fruits and vegetables.

But as these foods come and go with the seasons, there has remained one steady source of raw dietary joy-- my daily green drink. The contents of my green drink are ever-changing, the only constant being leafy greens. Usually they are sweet and fruity, but sometimes they're more like a savory green soup.

Green drinks are FUN! They are also energizing, alkalizing, hydrating and health-building. I have so much to share about green drinks and would love to pass on the knowledge, recipes and abundant energy.

So, I have decided get back into the swing of posting on the regular by sharing my love for green drinks. Starting today.

Coconut water, chard, spinach, parsley, banana, pineapple and hemp seeds. love.

Dream Green~


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